Service of lifting bags

Since EMG lifting bags are used to lift heavy objects, safety must always be a priority. You have to be able to trust in our products' durability and strength.

Daily inspection

Before being used, lifting bags should always be visually inspected. Both round slings and flat webbing slings should be inspected for visible flaws and removed from service if necessary. It is important to check fabrics and covers for holes and other damage.

All user instructions contain the general inspection, storage, and usage guidelines. For usage and guidance, you should always refer to the applicable user instructions. You can locate the user manual on our documentation portal if you don't already have it with you.

Periodic inspection

Lifting bags from EMG are required to undergo an official inspection every 12 months (six months in certain countries), in addition to the daily inspection These comprehensive, recurring inspections need to be performed by a qualified individual with lifting equipment inspection and assessment experience.

The bag should only be used again after being examined and approved for use by a qualified individual.

Only the manufacturer is authorized to perform repairs (EMG).

Certified service partners

Naturally, we offer to conduct any necessary routine inspections for your bags, but you can also locate other authorized service providers globally.

Each of these companies employ skilled workers who are authorized to conduct routine inspections of EMG lifting bags.

Inspection course

We provide instruction on how to properly inspect our lifting bags at EMG. You can perform routine inspections on EMG lifting bags if one or more employees of your company have completed our inspection course and received certification. Additionally, this gives you the freedom to serve as an authorized service facility for other outside businesses.

Please get in touch with our offices if you would like more information about the course.