Modified products

Logo, color or minor design changes

Our products are typically available in orange, red, blue, or black.

We are always willing to attempt to provide you with the ideal solution if our standard color selection for the particular model does not coincide with your company colors or if you require alternative color options to distinguish between projects.

Please email or call our office with your request!

Material and color

We can produce our products in a variety of material and color combinations.

Please be advised that the amount of fabric we store varies throughout the year based on other ongoing projects.

If you have any special needs, please contact our office, and we will investigate your options.

*This solution requires large order quantities, and it will take longer to deliver!

Print and logo

Products can be printed or embroidered with the company logo or other text and illustrations.

One can choose to work with single or multiple colors for both options.

Even for small quantities, this option is always available, but the price will reflect that.

Call (+45) 70 23 15 85

or use the form below to submit your request to our office: