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Founded in 2002, European Merchandise Group A/S (EMG) is a reputable business. In addition to providing custom textile solutions, we design, manufacture, and deliver the best lifting bags and rope access products available.

EMG provides equipment bags, lifting bags of superior quality for tools and rope access, and custom-tailored solutions for specific scenarios or content. Although the wind and offshore industries are our main customers, onshore, construction, first aid, and aviation are just a few of the many industries that could benefit from our products:


The majority of our products, including EQ bags, lifting bags, and rope access, were initially made for this sector.


In this industry, a lot of our lifting bags and EQ bags are very useful for work and travel.


A number of our products work well for lifting debris and construction tools.


We have developed a variety of first aid kits, including big backpack kits and compact AED kits.


Our larger lifting bags can even be slung, and the majority of our smaller ones are excellent for hoisting.


We provide a range of products ideal for this sector, including dry bags and thermo bags for food delivery.


Travelers will find our sports bags, trolley bags, and travel wallets to be ideal.


We have produced a number of products for this sector, including med-kits for bulletproof vests and duffle bags.

Our lifting bags adhere to strict safety regulations, and many of them are custom-designed in close consultation with our clients, guaranteeing ongoing product development.

Vietnam is where we manufacture our best-in-class products, but Esbjerg, Denmark is where we design them. Danish workers in Esbjerg carry out quality control on every product to guarantee compliance.

Tool bags for professionals

The company entered the market in response to the lifting industry's need for better products. In order to better serve our customers' unique needs, the company is divided into two divisions: tool bags and merchandise.

The necessity for bags to be used during the transportation of people and goods to and from offshore wind turbines gave rise to the tool bag industry. In 2002, EMG began developing a unique bag that could be used for this purpose because nothing had been approved and developed for that specific market.

In 2003, the first models, 3597 and 3585, were manufactured and tested. The first models were manufactured and installed at Horns Rev Wind Farm No. 1 following a year of testing. Consequently, all of the tool bags that EMG currently sells were developed in collaboration with a number of significant wind turbine manufacturers. Every tool bag serves a specific function.

Respected and known world wide

Since then, EMG has gained widespread recognition, especially in the wind energy sector, where it supplies the largest companies like Siemens Gamesa, Vestas, Vattenfall, Ørsted, and many more. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania make up the six continents that comprise EMG's global distributor and clientele.

We have also acquired numerous partners over the years, including product dealers and skilled service facilities.

ISO 9001 certified

ISO 14001 certified

ISO 45001 certified